Apathy: The Silent Killer

Posted: Feb 19, 2008 8:56 PM
Matt,  I'd agree that McCain had a better week than last but how exactly does one measure a candidate's "mojo" when they are transitioning from insurgent to nominee?

That "most conservatives are on-board -- or, at least -- it seems that the vocal criticism of him has subsided" gives me great concern.  Are they on-board?  Or did they just give up and check out?   Even former Attorney General Ed Meese, appearing on the Hannity show couldn't bring himself to say more than -- paraphrasing -- there are a lot of issues we conservatives disagree with McCain but he's better than Obama or Hillary.

And that's pretty much as excited about a "President McCain" as conservative leaders seem to be getting right now.  Doesn't exactly translate to a bumper sticker.

And it certainly doesn't motivate activists, co-workers or spouses to put their relationships to the test with some in-house politicking among friends. 

On that front, McCain has a long way to go.  On a positive note, he seems to know he has work ahead.

In the meantime, look for "Conservative in Exile" bumper stickers to show up soon.