Packing CPAC

Posted: Feb 07, 2008 10:57 PM
Matt Lewis reported earlier on rumors that the McCain campaign brought "bus-loads" of supporters to pack the audience.   Mary Katharine Ham reports:

I was in the lobby when [McCain] entered the building, to a sea of McCain posters and young people cheering. He came through the crowd and greeted a few folks, trailed by plenty of media.

Next to me, an infant bawled. Ahhh, metaphors.
They marched through the lobby and into the ballroom.

Transporting supporters to a political speech or rally isn't anything new but CPAC attendees tend to get miffed when non-paying supporters are brought to the conference just in time for a candidates speech and leave immediately after.

The worst I've ever seen -- thousands of pre-teens swarming CPAC wearing Bauer Power t-shirts in 1999.