Do You Want To Win Or Not?

Posted: Jan 30, 2008 10:18 PM

If Romney is going to fight his way back into this race, he's going to have to fight his way back into this race

During the debate, he didn't repeatedly tell viewers that the race is between McCain and himself.   He didn't continue on to say a vote for Huckabee was a vote for McCain.   He didn't ask Feb 5. voters to be careful not to let the media dictate how they vote.   He didn't say that Rush Limbaugh would never endorse McCain.   He didn't go after Congress and the Senate which is more unpopular than just about anyone. 

He may want it, but he just doesn't seem comfortable rolling up his sleeve and slugging this one out anymore.

And then this just in

In a major boost for John McCain, Republican presidential rival Mitt Romney signaled Wednesday he's not ready to commit to a costly campaign in the states holding primaries and caucuses next week.

Several officials said that on the heels of a defeat in Tuesday's Florida primary, Romney's campaign was not attempting to purchase television advertising time in any of the states on the Super Tuesday calendar.

Instead, the former Massachusetts governor's current plans call for campaigning in California and other primary states, said the officials, who had knowledge of the internal discussions. There would be organizational efforts primarily for caucus states.