A Good Ad -- That Nobody Will See

Posted: Jan 28, 2008 11:01 AM
Matt -- I agree. Giuliani's "non-endorsement" ad is a good one but I have to second Hot Air's Allah who asks:

Why is this ad web-only? Except for Huckabee’s hyper-popular Chuck Norris spot and the infamous Christmas message spot, even highly rated web ads rarely do more than 50,000 views. Who’s going to see it except the sadly irrelevant blogosphere?

Web ads are often created with the hope that the cable networks will air the ad as part of a news piece -- providing free advertising.  But has anyone seen Fox News pick up the ad? If they don't, will anyone in Florida see this ad?  And if they do, isn't the news story likely to begin with "In a last-minute act of desparation, the Giuliani campaign released the following ad...."