No Decisive Beneficiary Of Fred's Exit -- Yet

Posted: Jan 24, 2008 11:54 AM
Rasmussen Reports calls just over 200 voters each night and combines four nights to create a 800 pool of voters to create his four-day presidential tracking poll.

He just released today's report which includes polling on Sunday and Monday night (with Fred Thompson) and Tuesday and Wednesday night (without Thompson).   If you were hoping for all of the Fred Heads to come running to your favorite candidate's side, early polling looks like you'll be disappointed.

Four-day results
25% McCain
21% Romney
19% Huckabee
11% Giuliani

Two-day results without Thompson*
Because this is based on only two days of polling (413 voters), they "should be interpreted with great caution."
27% McCain (up 4 from Sunday night)
24% Romney (up 4)
21% Huckabee (up 4)
11% Giuliani (up 3)