What Next For The FredHeads?

Posted: Jan 19, 2008 11:59 PM
The unpredictable nature of this campaign has become almost predictable -- and interesting.   Punditry and predictions have been rendered no better than stopping your watch and knowing you'll be right at least twice a day.  

Having five viable candidates and 10-20% undecided has driven the pollsters crazy -- too many moving parts -- but that's about to change.

The first shoe to drop will be Fred Thompson's departure from the race.  In a single act, 5-20% of Republicans will lose their guy and will search for a new bandwagon.   

FredHeads in Florida have nine days to decide.   FredHeads in 20 more states have sixteen days to decide.


Fred Thompson supporters, what are you thinking now that it appears Fred Thompson will not be in the race much longer?