10 Years Ago Today

Posted: Jan 17, 2008 9:00 AM
Matt Drudge breaks the Monica Lewinsky story! 

If you go back to November 1994 election when Gingrich and company took over Congress for the first time in forty-odd years, then the government shut down in 1995, Lewinsky in 1998, impeachment, Newt Gingrich's resignation, Bob Livingston's resignation, Florida 2000, Jim Jeffords party switch, the 50-50 senate, 9-11-01, Anthrax on Capitol Hill, A Chief Justice's death and and another justice's retirment, Judicial filibusters,  A first-lady elected to the Senate, Iraq, Congressman Jefferson's freezer, Ohio 2004, 2006 Democratic take-over, etc etc.,  I think you'd be hard pressed to find another 14 year period jam-packed with some many significant and often unprecidented events.   I'm sure I've missed several major events.

What other political events should we include in the list?
What other 10-20 year period comes close to '95-'08 for major political change?

Only seems appropriate that the '08 election is a wide open affair with five Republicans and three Democrats still fighting after four states.   It would also fall into the storyline if an African-American, Woman or Mormon were elected.