What's Happening in Iowa Now

Posted: Jan 03, 2008 8:37 PM
From Amanda Carpenter in Iowa:

At the first caucus stop of the night, Romney seemed to be pretty well received. There were easily a few hundred people there and most of them seemed eager to go get a few last words in with Romney when he came in though. About two-thirds the room cleared to rush him, while a few others sat and watched from nearby tables. Of those tables sitting down--roughly six to eight seated at each---were three tables full of McCain supporters, two for Huckabee and one for Fred Thompson.

We're not at our second caucus stop of the evening. We'll have one more and then we're headed to the after caucus party, but it won't be much of a celebration if Romney wins tonight or now. His campaign is scheduled to leave on a red eye to Iowa, only a short forty minutes after the results are tallied.

After that, I'll be bidding goodbye to my press friends and coming back to DC to the Townhall headquarters Friday.