Townhall In Iowa: Mitt Changes It Up

Posted: Jan 03, 2008 12:05 PM

Amanda Carpenter from the road:

Right now I'm waiting inside the Des Moines Principle Financial building for a big Romney rally. This is bigtime Fortune 500 stuff. The staff was very worried about fire codes so none of the print reporters could get into the main room. Only cameras got in and the rest of use are in overflow room in the basement. It's a beautiful, corporate room with lighted desks, but sadly NO INTERNET. Since the walls are thick, it cuts off our air cards as well. What kind of corporate life is this? Luckily, Mike Shear from the Washington Post had a apple router that he brought in for everyone to use. What a hero. Okay, Romney is about to begin. And, oh--he's wearing a suit today, a change up from the casual button-up, sweater, crease khaki combo we've been seeing lately. Looks like he's bringing his A-game for the CEO's on Caucus Day.