Who's Your Second Choice?

Posted: Jan 01, 2008 11:25 AM
In Iowa on Thursday, the Dems and Republicans will do things a little different at their caucuses.   The Republicans take a single vote and divide up the caucus delegates accordingly.   The Democrats ask each voter to pick a second choice in case their first choice doesn't reach 15%.   This creates a virtual crystal ball view of how voters might start breaking down as the field is winnowed.

I know that Romney and Huckabee seem to be dominating Iowa and the conventional wisdom is that Thompson and McCain are fighting for a third-place finish but for a minute let's ignore Iowa and look at what the national numbers look like.  Rasmussen's poll yesterday had McCain (17%) Huckabee (16%) Romney (16%) Giuliani (15%) Thompson (12%) and Ron Paul at 7%.   17% undecided tied for the lead?

At least five viable candidates but none of them have come close to closing the sale -- especially among conservatives. 

With conservatives spread out across so many campaigns, I want to put the "second choice" concept to work on the Republican side.  

Who's your first choice?  But more importantly, who is your second choice and why?