Undecided G.O.P. in Iowa

Posted: Jan 01, 2008 5:41 PM

It's 9 degrees (feels like -18) in Des Moines, Iowa but Townhall.com's Amanda Carpenter managed to scrape the ice from her laptop and files this little tidbit on undecided voters:

Two young men I met at a Romney “house party huddle” wore Romney stickers but told me they were undecided who they would vote for, or if they would even vote on Caucus Day.

When asked what his biggest voting issue—if he were to vote—Des Moines resident Charlie Ochanpaugh said, “Keeping the economy strong and being energy independent would be big focus for me.”

He said he did not favor ethanol or drilling in ANWR and preferred nuclear power.

Ochanpaugh’s friend James Tesdell said he would “definitely go Republican” and would probably vote for Rudy Giuliani or Romney. “The reason I like Rudy more than anything is 9/11, defense, terrorism, that’s at the top of my list” Tesdell said. “The only concerns I have with Rudy is some of the support staff that he’s hired. You know, you had the police commissioner and a little corruption there and it would make me nervous who he kept in his cabinet.”

On the issues of appointing Supreme Court justices, Tesdell said he would “probably go Mitt.”

Neither of the men had heard that Mike Huckabee had attempted to release a negative ad to the media the previous day or thought Romney would be soft on illegal immigration.