Limbaugh: "The Speech" is a bad idea

Posted: Dec 04, 2007 8:40 AM

David Limbaugh:

Huckabee's Christian credentials are doubtlessly helping him with many Christian conservatives. But I don't think Mitt's Mormonism is driving Romney voters to Huckabee. If Romney's Mormonism didn't bother them before Huckabee surged, it isn't bothering them now.

This is not to say that Romney's Mormonism isn't a potential liability for him. I think it is, but not among those who have already been supporting him. The more attention he draws to his religion, the more of a liability it will become. He should leave well enough alone.

Limbaugh also picks at the other issue seemingly haunting the Romney campaign -- his flip-flops on "life" issues:

I sincerely believe that most evangelical Christians could support a Mormon -- even if they learn Mormonism is different than what they thought -- as long as he is right on the issues and can be trusted. Does he really share their values? Is he really who he says he is -- about religion or anything else? That's what inquiring conservatives want to know.

They love that he professes to be strongly pro-life and an ardent supporter of traditional marriage. But is he really? If so, why did it take him so long to come around to these views? Was it a religious conversion? How can that be when he's been a Mormon for decades? I know he said that wrestling with the stem cell question changed him, but it strikes me as implausible that one could be moved over a Petri dish and not an ultrasound. But I would love to be wrong about this.