British Invasion II

Jonathan Garthwaite
Posted: Oct 25, 2007 7:07 AM
The Guardian newspaper is launching an American version

Britain and writes

Facing increasing competition at home, Britain's leading media groups are crossing the Atlantic in search of new revenue and advertising streams.  But, if the motivation is commercial, the implications will be cultural and political.

...The Guardian, in particular, deserves credit for providing regular ammunition to America's left-wing netroots.  It ran a campaign in 2004 to encourage voters in Ohio to vote for John Kerry.  That campaign backfired but the newspaper has not been discouraged.  Some estimates suggest that GuardianOnline now has as many readers in America as in Britain.  The Guardian is determined to increase its US penetration further and has today launched 'GuardianAmerica'.

...The White House and Republican candidates need a strategy for this second British Invasion.  While it's certainly the case that the BBC and The Guardian will largely appeal to already left-leaning Americans - and will take some traffic from, for example, the New York Times - these UK platforms may appeal to a wider audience, too.

The White House, amazingly, does not have a staffer dedicated to the international press.  That was unforgivable with the international press being so important for winning hearts and minds in the war on terror.  Now that the British media is set to become a big player within the US population it's poor domestic politics, too.