Jonathan Garthwaite
Posted: Oct 19, 2007 7:36 AM
Sorry Hugh.  The Red Sox won last night.  You had to know it would happen this way.   It's about the Benjamins -- and ratings.   Prior to the post-season, they determined that the World Series would start next Wednesday, 10/24.    They already have to go eight days without a National League game.  They couldn't afford to have the Indians win it in four and have six days without baseball.  Gotta keep things interesting.   Yeah I know it's not true.  It's a rainy Friday morning and I'm in a pick-a-friendly-fight-for-some-entertainment kind of mood.   BUT.  Two years ago I wouldn't have even given it wouldn't have even entered my mind.   Now with Barry Bonds getting away with the homer record, NBA referees in jail for fixing games, and the New England Patriot doing more surveillance than the CIA --- it's not the most outrageous thing you could imagine the sports world coming up with.

Next, did anyone see the "Baseball Memories" tribute to Hank Aaron's 755 home runs?  It was an ad for State Farm but it was sponsored by Major League Baseball.  Perhaps I like to read too much into these things, but it that the back-handed passive aggressive slap at Barry Bonds record we've all wonder whether it would comes -- a sort of "Barry, don't count on your 756th home run making the baseball highlight reel."

The University of South Florida turned into a pumpkin last night after losing to Rutgers.

And Yankees skipper, Joe Torres is out and Rudy is "very sad."

In truly irrelavant sports news, David Beckham is back -- uh -- he was gone?