The Battle for Heritage

Jonathan Garthwaite
Posted: Sep 20, 2007 3:00 PM
The Heritage Foundation is a tax-exempt non-profit organizations so it can't endorse a candidate but that won't stop the campaigns from courting the experts within the largest, most respected conservative think tank around.   Two or three months ago I had a sense that Romney would get the lion's share of support among Heritage staffers -- It seemed like a good fit in policy terms and temperment -- but recent news that Giuliani has tapped a couple of Heritage heavyweights as advisors shows Rudy's not ready to cede victory to Romney inside the walls of the conservative intellectual powerhouse.

Let's see how the candidates match up

Mitt Romney
Fmr. Senator Jim Talent, a distinguished fellow in military studies
Matt Spalding, Director of Heritage's Center for American Studies

Rudy Giuliani
Steve Forbes, board member
Nile Gardiner, Director of Heritage's Thatcher Center
Kim Holmes - VP, Foreign Policy
Bill Simon - former board member

Fred Thompson
Nobody yet

Perhaps there is more parity than many of us of were led to believe in the battle for the hearts and minds of conservatives.  Landing two of the top dogs on foreign policy at Heritage is nothing to shrug off. 

Stay tuned.