"They're going to kill me"

Jonathan Garthwaite
Posted: Sep 18, 2007 11:38 AM
In my humble opinion the tasered kid for the U of Florida is getting way too much sympathy for the media -- and even some here in the office.   Enough already.  Free speech is free speech but after the fourth or fifth skull and bones conspiracy question without waiting for answer, you're just disrupting an event and the organizers have the right to get back on track.   Resist a police officer too much when they escort you out and you're increase the chances of ending up in handcuffs.  Flail about and try to run away and you're just begging for begging for the taser treatment.

This little bit of YouTube video (not being shown on tv) is quite the window into the mind of these anti-war-moonbats.  He's begging people to follow him to make sure the police don't kill him.   Yes, and before that, he'll be kept in a little underground prison where George Bush keeps all his war critics before they're executed.