Rock Star Ron

Jonathan Garthwaite
Posted: Sep 01, 2007 12:45 PM
Ron's people absolutely love him.  Ron gave his typical get-out-of-the-UN-and-Iraq-and-protect-the-unborn-and-reduce-the-size-of-government speech and his supporters have gone crazy.   He brought his whole family on stage and he took his time soaking in the cheering and clapping from his fans.  The roar of the crowd even brought him back across the stage for a curtain call.

He's dominating this straw poll.  His scrappy grassroots team is out in force.  Some of us media types were speculating that the Ron Paul supporters could get frozen out of the voting because of the narrow qualifying rules.  Apparently that wasn't a problem. 

At this point in the morning, the expectations are high for Raul Paul.   Some of his folks are expecting to get 75% of the vote.   Wow, now that's setting high expectations.   We'll see when the votes get tallied around 3:30 Eastern.