Jonathan Garthwaite
Posted: Jun 25, 2007 1:11 PM

I'm sure the Romney folks smiled every time they typed "'McCain'-Feingold" in the following press release.  Always helps when the U.S. Supreme Court repudiates a bill with your opponents name on it.

"Score one for free speech. Today the Supreme Court reaffirmed the First Amendment by rejecting a key feature of McCain-Feingold. The law trampled the basic right of the American people to participate in their democracy. It also purported to reduce the influence of money in politics, but we now know that influence is greater than ever. McCain-Feingold was a poorly-crafted bill. Today's decision restores, in part, to the American people a right critical to their freedom of political participation and expression."

Back in April, Mitt Romney outlined the fundamental flaws of the McCain-Feingold law right here on Townhall.com.