Iran is no vacation

Jonathan Garthwaite
Posted: Apr 06, 2007 2:25 PM

All the chatter on the morning talk shows was questioning the decision of the British soldiers, held by Iran for the past two weeks, to cooperate with their captors. In a press conference today, the soldiers defended themselves.

"We were blindfolded, our hands were bound and we were forced up against a wall. Throughout our ordeal we faced constant psychological pressure," Carman said. "All of us were kept in isolation. We were interrogated most nights and presented with two options. If we admitted that we'd strayed, we'd be on a plane to (Britain) pretty soon. If we didn't, we faced up to seven years in prison."

They certainly won't get the "John McCain medal for prisoner defiance" but none of us sitting in our cozy offices or homes can really begin to understand the fear they may have felt.

Lone female Marine - and mother of a three year old toddler - Faye Turney was kept in isolation and told she was alone and the other Marines had headed home.

Kathleen Parker wonders whether she should have even been on the British mission

IN OTHER NEWS - Hillary Clinton is headed to the islands. No doubt to tend to her wounds after the fundraising shock she took from the Obama campaign. Please paparazzi - stay away!