John Hawkins

John Hawkins
What Exactly Does Disrespecting The Flag At An NFL Game Have To Do With Fighting 'Injustice?'
By John Hawkins
“LET'S GET REAL: If you think kneeling respectfully to protest injustice is more egregious than cops gunning down 12-year-old #TamirRice for holding ...
May 26, 2018
5 Ways America's Success is Ruining Our Culture
By John Hawkins
The only thing worse than never achieving your dreams is to achieve all of them and then have no idea ...
May 18, 2018
Explaining Why Liberals Are So Desperate To Find Things to Be Offended About
By John Hawkins
Saying that liberals are weird and touchy is like noting that the sun is hot and water is wet. Granted, ...
May 12, 2018
5 Facts About Mass Shootings That The Gun Control Fanatics Don’t Want You to See
By John Hawkins
Every time there is a mass shooting we get the same old song and dance from the gun control fanatics. ...
April 28, 2018
7 Forces Driving America Toward Civil War
By John Hawkins
I was interviewed by a mainstream media reporter yesterday. I thought he wanted to talk tech issues, but we actually ...
April 21, 2018
20 Questions You’re Not Supposed to Ask in 2018 America
By John Hawkins
As politics has become more tribal and geared toward demonization instead of debate, it’s amazing how many important questions don’t ...
March 31, 2018
The 20 Worst Quotes From Louis Farrakhan, Liberal America's Favorite Racist
By John Hawkins
David Duke and Richard Spencer have small numbers of fringe supporters and they’re considered to be pariahs on the Right. ...
March 24, 2018
What Conservative Women Can Learn About Liberals From the Way They Treat Dana Loesch
By John Hawkins
I have known Dana Loesch for a long time and I’ve been pleased to see her work her way up ...
March 10, 2018
5 Troubling Lessons For America From Ancient Rome
By John Hawkins
The Romans spent almost 500 years as a republic before Julius Caesar’s adopted son Augustus became the first Roman emperor. ...
March 03, 2018
5 Things They Get Wrong About Christianity
By John Hawkins
Christianity is a great faith that has been integral to America’s success and so perhaps those of us that are ...
February 17, 2018
The 25 Best Quotes About Politics
By John Hawkins
1) “There are no solutions; there are only trade-offs.” – Thomas Sowell2) “To understand the workings of American politics, you ...
February 10, 2018
Donald Trump’s Top 7 Accomplishments in His First Year as President
By John Hawkins
While the news media and the President’s biggest critics have understandably focused on Trump’s latest controversial tweets and statements along ...
January 27, 2018