Top 10 Republicans to Watch in 2013

Posted: Jan 08, 2013 7:45 AM

Despite a tough election day last November, Republicans still have dozens of leaders in Congress, in governor’s mansions and even out of office who are worth keeping an eye on. These leaders could serve to counter President Obama’s second-term agenda or be mulling major political campaigns. With that in mind, Townhall composed a list of 10 Republicans to watch in 2013.


Excerpted from Townhall Magazine's January installment of "A-List," by John Hanlon:

2.) Paul Ryan

The former vice presidential candidate may have been brought down by November’s election results, but he’s certainly not out and will likely continue to serve as a strong voice for fiscal restraint in the new Congress.

5.) Scott Brown

Despite losing his Senate seat in 2012 to Elizabeth Warren, Brown remains a popular figure in the blue state of Massachusetts and could make a comeback in 2013, especially if Sen. John Kerry resigns his seat to work for the Obama administration.

6.) Ted Cruz

As a tea party candidate who won against an establishment figure in the GOP primary, this freshman senator from Texas could become a major voice for conservative principles during his first year in the Senate.

8.) Susana Martinez

The first Latina governor in the United States has already proven to be successful during her first term as governor of New Mexico, but 2013 could push her into the national spotlight more as the GOP tries to highlight its female rising stars.

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