National Tea Party Tele-Townhall Tonight

Posted: Aug 09, 2010 12:01 AM
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, a strong ally of tea parties nationwide, is using the opportunity of Congress being called back into session to hold a call of her own. 

Tonight, Bachmann will be hosting a tele-Townhall. She promoted the call on her campaign website, under the subheadline "Bachmann Calls for Nancy Pelosi To Enter 12 Step Program For Her Addiction To Job-Killing Spending" :

With Nancy Pelosi’s declaration that Congress will be reconvening to authorize billions of dollars of spending the government doesn’t have, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann announced she will be holding a National Tea Party Tele-Townhall to listen to the response of the American people...

People interested in participating in the National Tea Party Tele-Townhall on Monday, August 9 at 6 pm central – the same time Pelosi will be convening Congress  - can sign up on . Over one million people will be invited to participate, and is expected to be the largest tele-townhall ever held by members of Congress.