John Hanlon

John Hanlon
‘First Responders Live’ Celebrates Heroes But it’s Hard to Watch
By John Hanlon
If good intentions always led to quality programs, then First Responders Live would be a great show. The Fox program ...
June 28, 2019
‘Emanuel’ Review: Faith and Forgiveness Take Center Stage in Heartbreaking Doc
By John Hanlon
On June 17th 2015, a white supremacist walked into a predominantly black church during a Bible study and murdered a ...
June 11, 2019
The 'InBetween' Review: NBC Drama Offers a Few Intriguing Mysteries
By John Hanlon
The InBetween, a new NBC drama, focuses on a woman named Cassie Bishop (Harriet Dyer) who can speak to dead ...
June 06, 2019
‘Blood & Treasure’ Review: Bland Action Drama Lacks Intrigue
By John Hanlon
The new CBS drama Blood & Treasure attempts to bring an Indiana Jones-type figure to the small screen but doesn’t ...
May 24, 2019
Why The Final Season Of 'Games Of Thrones' Was So Disappointing
By John Hanlon
Much of the talk about the end of Game of Thrones has focused on its closing chapters. The shortened 7th ...
May 21, 2019
'Catch-22' Review: Series Offers up a Mix of Absurdity and Violence
By John Hanlon
Joseph Heller, who famously wrote the beloved novel Catch-22, was a veteran of World War 2. According to, the ...
May 19, 2019
'Dead To Me' Review: Netflix Dramedy Offers Plenty Of Twists
By John Hanlon
The new Netflix dramedy Dead to Me introduces two strong female characters who don’t really care what the world thinks ...
May 15, 2019