Berkeley’s Faux Pas

Posted: Feb 14, 2008 12:41 PM

By now, I am sure you are well aware of the outrage that has engulfed the nation regarding Berkeley City Council’s criticism of the Marine Corps and their recruiting station in Berkeley California.

Those of you that frequently read my blog know that I have taken the lead in calling for earmark reform. The Semper Fi Act is intended to show the City of Berkeley that their actions have consequences. There is no reason for the rest of us, outside the city of Berkeley, to subsidize their imprudent actions with our taxpayer funds.

The City of Berkeley stands to lose $2 million worth of earmarks.  The most egregious is $243,000 for the organization Chez Panisse to create gourmet organic school lunches in the Berkeley School District.  Chez Panisse is dedicated to “environmental harmony” and their menu features "Comt cheese souffl with mche salad," "Meyer lemon clairs with huckleberry coulis;" and "Chicory salad with creamy anchovy vinaigrette and olive toast."

I want to remind you that this is for the Berkeley Public School District.  This is an earmark that we should certainly strip if they had done nothing against the Marine Corps.

This earmark by itself is particularly egregious and the American taxpayer should not be required to foot the bill.