A Penchant for Flowers?

Posted: Dec 12, 2007 3:47 PM

Today, a Capitol Hill newspaper, The Hill exposed Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her spending habits as the Speaker of the House.  According to the report, Pelosi has already spent 63% more than the former Speaker of the House, Representative Dennis Hastert (R-IA).  In the first nine months of her tenure as Speaker, she has spent a little over $3 million, which when compared to the $1.8 million spent by Speaker Hastert during the same period last year, fully illustrates the disparity.

This begs the obvious question of what could she possibly be spending all this money on? Well, for one thing…flowers. According to The Hill, approximately $16,000 of the $3 million was used to buy flowers. Don’t forget that these flowers were all paid for with taxpayer funds. 

In addition to her apparent penchant for botany, the Speaker spent $10,000 to pay for a single speech to be written for her and nearly $20,000 to hire a lawyer for the sole purpose of overseeing her transition into the Speaker’s chair. Again, all taxpayer dollars.

Sadly, this report, albeit outrageous, does not surprise me. Madame Pelosi’s spending spree is simply a microcosm of the larger lack of commitment to fiscal responsibility exhibited by the Democrats in this Congress.