“L'Etat, c'est moi” – “I am the State”

Posted: Aug 03, 2007 11:57 AM

Last night, Republicans walked off the House Floor after Democrats changed the outcome of a vote after the final tally had been called. And this was not just any vote. The vote would have barred illegal immigrants from receiving food stamps and subsidized housing. Republicans had just enough votes to pass the motion, and we won the final vote 215-213.

That should have been the end of it. But not under the Pelosi Congress.

After the gavel had fallen, Stockton, California Freshman Democrat Jerry McNerney (CA-11) changed his vote to oppose the motion, and even though the vote was closed, they allowed the outcome to go the other way.

Last night’s walk-out didn’t happen just because of this one vote. The Democrat’s agenda is so liberal and so out of touch with the American people, that all year, they have not permitted debate or objections on legislation because they don’t want the American people to see what they’re doing. Nancy Pelosi believes that the politics of San Francisco and America are the same. They are not.

As the Majority party, they have the right to pass legislation. But they don’t have the right to suppress differing opinions and disregard the outcome of elections. That’s un-American, un-democratic, and just plain wrong.

The House is currently shut down. I will keep you posted.