Why Raise Taxes?

Posted: May 10, 2007 3:00 PM

This week, the federal government reported record revenues in April. In fact, more tax money was deposited by the United States Treasury on April 24th, 2007 than on any other day since the founding of the Republic. Revenues for the fiscal year are now up 11.3 percent. That's after they were up 11.5 percent last year. And 14.6 percent the year before that. If I just add those up without compounding, that's a 37.4 percent in the last 3 years. That's pretty darn good. Way over the historical average. Did your salary go up that much in the last 3 years?

So why are the Democrats so determined to raise taxes? Is a 37 percent revenue increase in 3 years not enough? Do they want to increase spending by more than that? Of course they do. There's no other explanation. If we held spending to no increase for next year, the deficit would be gone in one year. There is simply no logical reason to increase taxes with revenue going up so much. But, the Democrat's will likely vote to raise taxes as soon as next week.

Clearly, whatever we send them of our money, it will never be enough.

Please find below a clip of a one minute speech I gave on the floor this morning relative to this topic. It was followed by applause from groups of people in the gallery. To my knowledge, I do not know any of these people and they had not clapped for any of the previous 12 speeches. The speaker immediately gaveled them down since you are not supposed to express opinions from the gallery.

To watch it click here.