After All the Drama Over State Secrets, It’s Sex With a Radical Feminist That Screws Assange

Posted: Dec 07, 2010 9:30 AM
Assange has turned himself in to British authorities over charges of sexual assault on two women in Sweden on August the 15th and 17th. Sky News reports that one of the women is a radical feminist with a theory "that men dominate their social positions through sex," and who's most recent blog topic was "seven steps to legal revenge."

If I could hazard a guess, that would be exactly the type of person I would try to avoid having sex with if I was about to unleash 250,000 pages of state secrets that would make every world government target me as their next most-wanted criminal.

The 39-year-old Australian has denied any charges of misconduct, and he hasn't actually been convicted of anything yet. Assange has turned himself in only because he's wanted as a witness to the charges, and British magistrates will decide whether to extradite him to Sweden if they believe there is grounds to do so.

Regardless, it's amazing that this international criminal could be brought to his knees over personal failings. Assange may go down because he is as loose with his sexuality as he is with top-secret information.