Kasich Defeats Strickland For Ohio Governor

Posted: Nov 02, 2010 11:55 PM
The victory in the Buckeye state is a big one for Republicans. Kasich spent his last days campaigning among ethnic minorities and in the suburbs, trying to unravel Strickland's stronghold in the cities. The hard work paid off; Kasich's grassroots turned out in huge numbers, to propel him across the finish for Strickland. From the Plain-Dealer:
Kasich's win returns power to the GOP after a four-year hiatus. Strickland's election in 2006 ended 16 years of Republican rule. And if Kasich -- who in recent stops dubbed his campaign "The New Way for Ohio" -- stays true to his promises to deliver dramatic changes, Ohio figures to be a different place in a short period under his leadership.
This race is crucial for 2012. Ohio is a bellweather state that is swinging for the GOP right now — I'll be curious to see if Obama mentions it in his victory speech. Kasich, a former Fox news personality, has a pretty strong Republican legislature to back him up, meaning that the GOP could get a few knocks in before the Presidential race comes around. He's hinted at axing a few federal agencies, which could set an example on the national level.