Chamber Of Commerce And DCCC Attacks Reek Of Desperation

Posted: Oct 14, 2010 10:10 AM
The Chamber of Commerce getting heat from President Obama, who claims that the Chamber is taking foreign money and using it on Republican campaigns. As Tim Carney points out in today's Washington Examiner, however, the Chamber also supports Democrats -- taking a bite out of their argument that the Republican's electoral success is being funded by foreign money laundering.

The DCCC is also hitting Republicans for -- gasp -- allowing Republican primary voters to choose their own candidates, without a pre-determined vetting process. My article today explains the situation in detail: the DCCC pointed out that NRCC Executive Director Guy Harrison directly stated that Republicans do not vet their candidates, resulting in individuals with "disturbing backgrounds, legal problems, and extreme views." These disturbing backgrounds include the spurious accusations against Tom Ganley in Ohio's 13th Congressional district, where a woman claimed she was sexually assaulted by Ganley despite the fact that her accusations don’t match up with any other witness accounts. Ganley runs northeast Ohio’s Crime Stoppers program and has received the FBI’s highest civilian award.

It's clear that Dems are on the defensive, but covering their losses by launching baseless claims against Republicans are a sure-fire sign that they're getting desperate.