This Week In Horrifying News

Posted: Aug 27, 2010 9:55 AM
The top tragic tale is of course the 33 miners trapped a half mile down in Chile, who are unaware that it will take until the end of the year to dig them out. The small tube that connects them to the outside world isn't even big enough for a soccer ball, and officials are holding off on sending them food until their bodies can handle it. They've been subsisting off of a spoonful of tuna and half a glass of milk for over three weeks, and have lost an average of 22 pounds apiece. They've just sent a video message out to their families from their tomb.

A Saudi couple hammered 24 nails into the living body of their Sri Lankan maid after the maid complained of a heavy workload. The maid , a mother of three, worked in Saudi Arabia for five months before returning home for surgery to remove the nails. The Sri Lankan External Affairs Ministry is consulting with Saudi officials about the incident — good luck with that.

The body of a British spy decomposed in a sports bag that was lying in his bathroom for two weeks until he was discovered by Scotland Yard. His mobile phone and sim cards were laid out neatly in the apartment, and the cause of death was unclear even after the post-mortem examination. No one had heard from the spy, Gareth Williams, for several days, which prompted the inquiry into his wherabouts. But the British spy agency was still concerned about the length of time it took for his body to be discovered.