John Campbell's Re-Election

Posted: Aug 22, 2010 10:10 AM
Democracy for America is sending out some pretty heavy emails about Republican Rep. John Campbell's opponent in California's 48th district. Campbell is a well-liked representative in a solidly conservative district, and his Democratic challenger, Beth Krom, is trying to cut him down by focusing on his birther statements. Fortunately, Krom is way behind in the fundraising department, and won't get anywhere with polarizing emails like these:
You know those right-wing conspiracy theorists demanding to see President Obama's birth certificate? Well, these so-called "birthers" have a Representative in Congress backing them up -- California's John Campbell. Not only did Congressman Campbell sponsor the "Birther Bill" championed by the far right-wing of the Republican Party, he also sided with the oil companies and voted against protecting offshore oil whistleblowers.

He even voted against providing healthcare for 9/11 workers and sponsored legislation to make English the official language.

John Campbell is an example of the worst Republicans have to offer the country. That's just one reason why DFA members nationwide chose Beth Krom, his Democratic opponent and the former Mayor of Irvine, to be the 2010 Grassroots All-Star.