Reader Comments

Posted: Jun 18, 2010 11:54 AM
Two great reader comments from "Tea Party Divisions: Is It A Socially Conservative Movement, Too?"

Clinton says the "takeover attempt" has failed:
Tea Party into their fold and use us as their new doormat - and it isn't going to happen.

We are tired of your hypocritical "social wars" and sermonizing us with your version of what we aught do with our lives. This is why we have to walk away from the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. As long as we are willing to let them dictate to us what our values will be, what they will in fact do for our people and how we should vote, we will be subject to the same baloney we have gotten for the past 30 years.

Republican or Democrat, it's all about THEIR version of big-government. I don't want government telling me what I can eat, what I can drink, when and where and how I can make a bet, what drugs I can take or anything else. The only standard that matters is the one that says you are responsible for the consequences of your actions and decisions; and to the extent these decisions harm no other person or their property, then the government has no business in the matter.

Stuff it Mr. Pence.
Foolkiller writes, in response to Clinton:     
I agree that government needs to butt out of our lives, I don't believe one can legislate morality, and I don't believe that's what the Constitutional founders were trying to do, even though they were men who believed in morality as we know it, for the most part.

Bottom line is, I can believe in Christ, his teachings and commandments, you don't have to, that's okay, but we both believe the government should be doing what it was designed to do and not dictating to us.

...However, please remember we are in a war here with the radical left. I would vote for a conservative republican who had the best chance to win, before I would throw my vote away and allow another radical liberal to gain a single vote.