Airheaded Primitivism Ain't So Bad

Posted: Mar 30, 2010 4:43 PM
Norman Podhoretz to be something of a grandfather among the younger conservative-Jewish set. That's because of analysis like this, which rebuts Palin critics.
It's hard to imagine now, but 31 years ago, when I first announced that I was supporting Reagan in his bid for the 1980 Republican presidential nomination, I was routinely asked by friends on the right how I could possibly associate myself with this "airhead," this B movie star, who was not only stupid but incompetent. They readily acknowledged that his political views were on the whole close to ours, but the embarrassing primitivism with which he expressed them only served, they said, to undermine their credibility.
Aha! The dreaded "airheaded primitivism" plaguing those of the lower Republican classes. And then, the moneyshot:
What I am trying to say is not that Sarah Palin would necessarily make a great president but that the criteria by which she is being judged by her conservative critics—never mind the deranged hatred she inspires on the left—tell us next to nothing about the kind of president she would make.

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