Democrats Need Orphaned Children To Make Their Case For Obamacare

Posted: Mar 15, 2010 9:51 AM
At the Democrats' press conference last week, Democrats paraded Marcelas Owens, 11, in front of a gaggle of cameras to talk about the crisis that could be solved with Obamacare. Marceles' mom died from pulmonary hypertension last year.

I love this quote:
Marcelas stood up and he came up to a United States Senator and he's gone up to the 29th floor of the federal building and he's flown all the way across the country to face this big crew of press people, because he has the courage that his mother left him to remind all of us what this debate is about.
Marcelas flew across the country? How about, Marcelas was flown across the country, by the Democratic machine, to elicit sympathy for a bill that wouldn't have been necessary because Medicaid would've taken care of her? What about the welfare society that is bred from unlimited government handouts?

I have sympathy for the kid. But if health care is a right, then Marcelas will have no incentive to stay with the girl he knocks up, or hold down a job, because he knows Uncle Sam will give his offspring health care and whatever other services they need for the rest of their lives.