Iraq Elections Might Have Gone Off Well, But So What?

Posted: Mar 10, 2010 9:10 AM
Daniel Pipes is quite an authority on all things Middle East, which is why his assessment of the recent Iraqi elections are so alarming.
...the Iraqi regime (along with those of Afghanistan, Lebanon, and the Palestinian Authority) is a kept institution that cannot survive without constant American support. As long as Washington pumps money and sacrifices lives to maintain the Baghdad government, the latter can hobble along. Remove those props and Iranian-backed Islamists soon take over.
Most other observers are crowing about the whoppping 60 percent turnout, even in Sunni-dominated provinces, which boycotted national elections last year. There has been some violence, and as always, corruption. But those things have declined since last year, and most think Iraq has made significant political gains.

Pipes' "so what," resonates with me, though. If those gains are only legitimate as long as Americans are shoveling money into the country, how real are they?