Pelosi A Friend To The Tea Partiers? Ya, Right.

Posted: Mar 03, 2010 11:46 AM
Speaker Pelosi made a name for herself out of calling tea partiers "astroturfers." Now, Sean Hannity digs up this gem about Pelosi's fast rhetoric switch, which should come as no surprise, given the Democrats' dismal electoral prospects.
But you know we share some of the views of the Tea Partiers in terms of the role of special interests in Washington, D.C.. It has to stop. And many Tea Partiers — not that I speak for them — share the view, whether it's — and Democrats, Republicans and independents share the view that the recent Supreme Court decision, which greatly empowers the special interest, is something that they oppose.
Share some of the views? Dear Speaker, you share none of the tea partiers' views. Absolutely none. The fact that you would even suggest that you share any is an insult to the tea party and everything it stands for.