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The Democrats' Demise: Obama Heads To Massachusetts For Coakley

After initially insisting that he wouldn't campaign for Coakley, Obama has reversed course, and will be in Boston on Sunday. That's after he helped her with a campaign advertisement and
recorded a robocall on her behalf.

Coakley had already left her Sunday schedule cleared in the event that Obama would eventually decide to campaign for her.

Boston is the home of the first tea party. It's the state that is showing an unprecedented outpouring of support for a Republican, Scott Brown, and the state that's laughing about Coakley's diss of Boston Red Sox fans all the way to the polls. Voters with similar temperments just rejected Democrats in Virginia and New Jersey. Obama's approval ratings are at an all-time low.

Obama's trip to the State is an ill-fated move. Boston is a state full of populists. They may vote Democratic much of the time, but that doesn't mean they can be told what to do. Obama's trip to the state, instead of being a promising move, could spell the Democrats' demise.

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