Obama Stops Sending Gitmo Prisoners Back To Yemen — But What About Everywhere Else?

Posted: Jan 06, 2010 11:24 AM
My story today covers the kerfuffle over releasing Gitmo terrorists back into Yemen. The White House has suspended such transfers after political pressure mounted following the attempted Christmas Day terrorist attack by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a Yemeni citizen.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, ranking member on the Judiciary Committee, is still not placated by the administration's move to stop transferring Gitmo prisoners back to the country. Here's Session's spokesman, Stephen Miller:
...ceasing transfers to Yemen without ceasing transfers to Saudi Arabia and Somaliland does very little to stem the dangers posed to Americans.  Almost a month ago, Senator Sessions wrote a letter to Attorney General Holder pointing out that the ‘rehabilitation’ program the US was using in Saudi Arabia was releasing many of its ‘graduates’ back to the battlefield. 

Sessions’ letter specifically mentioned the two terrorists who are top Al Qaeda operatives in Yemen: Said Ali al Shiri and Abu Hareth Muhammad al-Awfi.  Holder never responded to the letter or retracted his repeated claim that the program that released the Yemeni terrorists was ‘successful.’ 

Of the more than 70 detainees released from GITMO who have returned to the battlefield, at least 11 that we know of ‘graduated’ from the Saudi Program.  Senator Sessions believes the administration cannot continue to ignore this pressing danger.