Congress Grants DC Power To Fund Abortions

Posted: Dec 11, 2009 11:11 AM
The House voted to allow DC to use local tax money to help women to pay for abortions. It would also legalize medical marijuana, which District residents have supported since 1998. Federal law grants Congress the power to control DC, and this move represents one step towards easing up on that power.

Nonvoting DC Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D), said that barring women from getting abortions with public money created a "severe hardship." The measures are expected to pass the Senate next week.

President Obama has repeatedly supported giving the city a voting member of Congress, which Republicans fear could lead to the city being given a Senator or two -- who would undoubtedly be Democratic. Opponents also say that changing any laws governing the city would require a Constitutional amendment. Given Congress' usual disregard for the Constitution, it's not surprising they're ignoring that imperative.