"The problem with activists is that they’re active."

Posted: Nov 03, 2009 4:43 PM
I chatted with Dr. Michael Ruddy, a political science professor from SUNY-Oswego, about the NY-23 election results earlier this week. Something he said really resonated with me as it comes down to the wire in NY-23:
The problem with activists is that they’re activeand that they’re hard to control. And the National Republican Party isn’t too happy about it...

The one variable in this is the voters. Hijacking of the race is what happens – independent groups come in and begin to change the campaign dynamic.
On one hand, yes – it's easy to say that conservative activists came in and hijacked the race. But if when Hoffman sweeps NY-23, it will be easier to point to the failure of the mainstream Republican Party in the state and say that occasionally, a little interference by national activists can be good for the local politicos.
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