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Nearly 60% Of Women Think Government-Run Health Care Would Be Bad For Them And Their Families

That comes out of the a new Independent Women's Forumn study, released yesterday, which covers American women's attitudes towards health care reform and a host of other issues.

Also interesting:
  • 75% want few to no changes to their own healthcare
  • 43% of women say that healthcare reform should be enacted “only when quality legislation is developed. In other words, there is no deadline.
  • 64% of women would “rather have private health insurance than a government-run health insurance plan," compared with 27% who thought otherwise
  • 77% of women say government spends money in a mostly inefficient way; 15% think it spends it efficiently
  • Fifty-one percent of women believed that the quality of healthcare they and their families receive will get worse while 28% predicted no change and only 15% thought it will get better.


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