Self-Described "Abortion Addict" Tells All

Posted: Oct 14, 2009 9:47 AM


Irene Vilar, series editor of the Americas at Texas Tech University Press, has 15 procedures in about as many years. She tells all in her new book, Impossible Motherhood.
My story is a perversion of both maternal desire and abortion, framed by a lawful procedure that I abused. My first pregnancy was a result of lying about birth control. He was inside of me when he asked: You are protecting yourself, aren't you? Later, I would take my pills and skip a day, a few, and often give up on the whole month, promising myself I would do better the next time. Not knowing how a pill or a handful of them would affect my fertility, my days took on a balancing act, and a high of sorts accompanied the days before my period was due.