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"Bowing to a Saudi king is not an energy policy."

That was one of many brilliant ideas put forth by Newt Gingrich at the Americans for Prosperity Summit this morning.

Among the others? He talked about the ability to balance the budget:

I am very comfortable saying: we can balance the federal budget. Because for four years when I was speaker, we balanced the federal budget. 2.9 percent a year
Gingrich said that the "socialist wing of the Democratic Party is going to lead the democratic party to a defeat" in the same way Europe shifted from the left to the right in recenty years. Therefore, we're in one of the "great educational, learning experiences of the 21st century."

He talked about the prospects for ousting President Obama by comparing Obama to former President Carter. Carter had higher approval ratings than Obama, when there was "somewhere around 13% inflation, 22% interest rates, a 44 day soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and a gasoline shortage created by the federal government."

He said he knew of a father who got his kid to switch the license plates from one car to the other, when the government would only allow certain license plates to get gas on certain days. This, he said, was a good test for whether or not one is a liberal or a conservative. If you're a conservative and you realize a 13-year-old boy can work his way around a government regulation, you want to axe the program. If you're a conservative and you realize a 13-year-old boy can work his way around a government regulation, you "want to hire license plate police for every gas station."


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