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Phelps Loses His First Race in 5 Years, Opponent Credits Swim Suit

That's right. Michael Phelps was beat out by a no-name competitor, who acknowledged that there was a significant difference in the suits that each swimmer wore during the race. German Paul Biedermann was wearing the Arena X-Glide, an all-polyurethane suit that has a significant advantage over the the Speedo LZR racer that Phelps is paid handsomely to endorse.

Phelps coach has vowed that the international superstar will not race in any more meets until suits like the X-Glide are banned, a move that officials say is in the works because the new suits degrade the integrity of past records.

"The suits make a difference," Biedermann told the AP. "I hope there will be a time when I can beat Michael Phelps without these suits. I hope next year. I hope it's really soon."


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