Rasmussen: Romney Tied With Obama In Hypothetical Election

Posted: Jul 20, 2009 11:35 AM
The "card check" provision was removed from the ineptly-named "card check legislation." Prospects for health care reform are looking grim. And continued bloviation about economic stimulus actually helping the economy is finally being met with skepticism from not only the Republicans, but Democrats and the American public.

Perhaps these imminent failures account for Rasmussen's latest poll: if Mitt Romney were to run against Barack Obama in a hypothetical election that were held today, they would be tied, each receiving 45% of the vote. Obama needs to scale back his shock-and-awe tactics so he can accomplish more selective, strategic objectives if he's going to re-capture the lust of the American public. He's also going to have to realize that lying about what he's accomplishing really isn't working anymore.