"If Palin wants to run in 2012, why not do exactly what she announced today?"

Posted: Jul 03, 2009 8:43 PM
From Bill Kristol, a guy I trust more than anyone else when it comes to Palinalysis:
...she's freeing herself from the duties of the governorship. Now she can do her book, give speeches, travel the country and the world, campaign for others, meet people, get more educated on the issues - and without being criticized for neglecting her duties in Alaska. I suppose she'll take a hit for leaving the governorship early - but how much of one? She's probably accomplished most of what she was going to get done as governor, and is leaving a sympatico lieutenant governor in charge.

...it's going to be a high-wire act. The odds are against her pulling it off. But I wouldn't bet against it.
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