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Dutch journalist Joanie de Rijke was serially raped for 7 days after being captured by the Taliban when she tried to interview a senior Taliban member in Afghanistan. The Dutch government ponied up $137,000 (100,000 euros) in ransom money, and de Rijke was released — then, she wrote a book about the ordeal. In it, she excuses the actions of her captors, saying they "respected me," and that "they are not monsters." From de Rijke:

He could not control his testosterone. I had the impression that afterwards he regretted what had happened. He knew it was wrong.
The only thing de Rijke is mad about is the Dutch parliament's initial refusal to pay the ransom, which had been set at 2 million. Even better, Dutch politicos and media types had agreed with de Rijke's assessment, which conservative Geert Wilders had a little something to say about:
This story is a perfect illustration of the moral decline of our elites. They are so blinded by their own ideology that they turn a blind eye to the truth. Rape? Well, I would put this into perspective, says the leftist journalist: the Taliban are not monsters. Our elites prefer to deny reality rather than face it. One would expect: a woman is being raped and finds this unbearable. But this journalist is not angry because the Muslim involved also showed respect. Our elites, whether they are politicians, journalists, judges, subsidy gobblers or civil servants, are totally clueless. Plain common sense has been dumped in order to deny reality. It is not just this raped journalist who is suffering from Stockholm syndrome, but the entire Dutch elite.
HT: Cassy


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