ATR On 100 Days Of Obama's Failed Fiscal Policies

Posted: Apr 27, 2009 7:21 PM
Americans for Tax Reform has an informative and entertaining report up in advance of Obama's 100 day holiday. From Day 7, when Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is sworn after it was revealed that he owed $40,000 in back taxes and interest, to Day 93, when Obama advocates for a $10,000 tax hike on Americans in honor of "Earth Day," the report is worth a read in full.

Additional highlights:
Day 90 -- April 19: Obama senior advisor David Axelrod, appearing on the CBS Sunday morning show Face the Nation, describes the taxpayer tea parties as “unhealthy”.
Day 91 -- April 20: Obama insults taxpayers by calling for a mere $100 million in spending cuts from the federal budget within 90 days. 
  • $100 million represents .003% (three one thousandths of a percent) of Obama’s FY 2010 budget.
  • $100 million is what the federal government spends every 13 minutes.
  • As Harvard Economist Greg Mankiw points out, cutting $100 million from the federal budget is the equivalent of a family spending $100,000 per year cutting a $3 latte from the annual budget.