Gaddafi's Rule 'Crumbling'

Posted: Aug 21, 2011 5:35 PM

Reuters is reporting that Moammar Gaddafi's rule is 'crumbling' in Tripoli. Rebel fighters have taken the city, and NATO is calling the situation 'fluid'.

NATO called the situation in Libya "very fluid" Sunday as rebel fighters streamed into the capital Tripoli, and said the rule of Muammar Gaddafi was "crumbling."

"It's a very fluid situation. We can see that the regime is crumbling, and the sooner Gaddafi realizes he cannot win this war against his own people, the better," NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu said.

Update: Saif al-Islam. Gaddafi's son, has been captured. People are celebrating in the streets in Benghazi. We'll let you know what happens.

Update: Gaddafi is vowing to stay in Tripoli and "emerge victorious". Good luck with that. In the meantime, the rebels are flooding the streets in Tripoli.


The clashes came a day after forces loyal to Gaddafi used heavy machine guns and mortars to confront lightly armed opposition forces and protesters who took to the streets. 

As opposition fighters continued what they called their "final push" for the capital, Gaddafi addressed the nation in an audio message aired on state television on Sunday.

In it, he refused to surrender and pledged to emerge "victorious" from the fighting for Tripoli. He also called on the people of Libya to come from all regions to liberate Tripoli, saying he was in the city with them and that together they would fight to the end.

"We will not, we will not abandon Tripoli to the occupants and their agents. I am with you in this battle," he said. 

"We do not surrender and, by God's grace, we will emerge victorious."

Update: Rebel forces have surrounded Gaddafi's compound. Two of his sons have been captured. Mohamad al Akari, a Transitional National Council advisor was quoted saying "Tonight it's over". People are stepping on and driving their cars over Moammar Gadhafi's picture. Al Jazeera is livestreaming the whole thing here.

Update: A rebel leader tells the Associated Press that regime units in charge of protecting Tripoli have defected and joined the rebels. "We are coming for you, frizz-head."

Update: Mohammed Gaddafi, the other son, has been placed under house arrest. His house was attacked during his live interview with Al Jazeera.

Update: The rebels have taken over Green Square in Tripoli, and renamed it Martyr Square. A rebel spokesman tells Sky News that they do not plan to hurt Gaddafi, and instead want to see him face a trial in Libya.

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Dennis Prager

There are many rumours about (Gadaffi's) location. We're going to guarantee his safety and the safety of his family. We want to see him be tried in Libya and not in any other place in the world. We're establishing a state of law and we would like to see him in the court.

Update: Live reporting from Green Martyr Square.